Spring Cleaning: Linen Storage

I know what you’re thinking – spring cleaning already?? Absolutely! Well, kind of…

My goal the last two weeks was to use the list that I posted last year in the Keep It Clean series to get my house back in order now that everyone is back at school and work. We kept it picked up over the holiday break but definitely did not do any deep cleaning. We also are in the middle of rearranging and redecorating the master bedroom and bathroom which leads me to this topic:

How do you store your linens?

Before we got a dog, we had a great closet under our stairs that worked perfectly for keeping tubs of blankets, sheets, towels and sleeping bags. That’s now the dog’s room.  

Here’s how they’re being stored now:

And also, the sleeping bags just kind of hang out here:

And then there are these in our closet:

And, sadly, things that never got put away in our youngest daughter’s closet:

I’ve been told a couple of times that we need to weed through them and keep only one extra set of each size – which would probably reduce it all down to one tub. But we are constantly on the go during the summer to one camp or another and legitimately need one extra set per person – plus the blankets – to avoid having to take sheets off of beds. 

So here’s what I’m working toward – vacuum seal bags! Each bag has a set of sheets, one pillow case and a blanket so that when someone is headed out to camp or a retreat or wherever we can just grab a bag and it’s all ready to go. I also found some super huge ones that will fit the sleeping bags in them!

This clears out three different spaces because now it all fits where the sleeping bags were previously. I’m not thrilled that the lids don’t fit on the tubs, but since everything is sealed really well I’m letting it slide until I decide if that will be their final resting place and/ or if I want to get a larger tub for them or not.

How do you store your extra linens? How many sets of each size do you keep around?

Happy Planning,

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