Reflecting on 2018

Guess what? There are only 21 days left in 2018. Three weeks from today will be 2019. It’s time to check in with your goals for this year and really dive in to the new year.

It seems kind of crazy to try to do this in the middle of such a busy season; there are dozens of other things that you could be (and would rather be) doing, but this is actually the perfect time to look back at the year and share some great memories with your family as you prepare to move forward.

A few areas to reflect on:

Family: talk about the good and the bad moments. What were new habits or routines that worked and what didn’t work? Get some feedback and input on what things should go with youto 2019 and what should stay in 2018. Set some goals as a family: how will you help each other be better in 2019? How will your family reach out to and serve others in the new year?

Finances: look for budget adjustments that need to be made. Consider any raises or extra income that might be on the way in 2019. What areas did you struggle staying on budget and what areas had a little more wiggle room? What things do you know will be increasing or decreasing? What are your financial goals for 2019? How much do you want to save, invest, donate, etc.

Physical: how are you feeling about you? Want to be more active? Did a pretty good job setting workout habits in 2018 or need to step it up a bit? Start making those goals now so you can jump right in OR start now so you can have those habits set in the next 21 days before 2019 hits! Check out this idea and have your own Last 21 Day challenge!

Calendar: where did you spend your time in 2018? Go back through your calendar and see what the top three things that consumed your time were. Are you ok with those activities or do adjustments need to be made in 2019? 

Take the time now and start the year with a plan in place!

Happy Planning,

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