Project Planning: The Resources

So you’ve got a plan in place. You’ve established your team. Now let’s look at what you need to accomplish your goal: your resources. I usually start by writing down everything, then going back and making note of what I have, what I need and what I can make-do with.

Here are a few categories to consider:

Do you have the monetary resources to make the change you want to make?

If yes, great! If not, how can you scale your plan to build it up over time until you get to 100%? What is the baseline that you are willing to drop down to to get started? Maybe you need to ask about overtime work options or getting a second part time job to help push things along.

Do you have the logistical resources you need?

Jumping back to our chore chart example, this includes everything from the cleaning supplies for the outside windows to the stickers you put on the chart when as task is done. Do you have the baskets in place for kids to drop their shoes in when they come through the door? Do you have the hooks for backpacks to be hung up on?

Do you have the emotional resources you need?

Change is hard. It takes time and no one likes it! Have you considered how you will handle resistance from kids / spouse? What happens if they do not complete their chores? How much of a grace period are you allowing for everyone to adjust? How much grace are you allowing yourself when you get frustrated that no one is as excited as you are?

Do you have sharable resources for your outside partners?

We talked in the last post about your support staff / partners. These are folks that aren’t in your house daily to see the calendar or distribute the high fives for success. What apps are available to help keep them in the loop? What methods of communication need to be established to keep everyone on the same page? Have you established clear expectations for their role?

Lastly, do you have the most valuable resource of all to make your project a success: TIME!

Resources can be tricky because they come in a variety of shapes and forms, and from a multitude of sources. Start listing and tracking and be prepared to compromise on some things.

Happy Planning,

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