Kicking off 2019

Welcome to 2019! I hope your holiday time was full of family fun and memorable moments; but now it’s back to the grind! Whether you are establishing new routines, or just changing every 2018 to a 2019 on all of your lists, it’s time for a new year!

This post is quick recap from the planning series I posted at the beginning of last year, as well as some updated checklists and printable reminders for your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planning! These are all sized to be printed to fit on these half-page labels so that you can pull them off and stick them in your Bullet Journal, spiral notebook, binder, or whatever you use to to keep track of your tasks lists. You can also print them on normal paper and scale them to fit the whole page.

Set your yearly goals! If you are not intentionally planning to meet your goals, you will likely not get there. This sheet helps you track special events, choose one area of your house to clean out or organize and prioritize your goals for each month.

This monthly cleaning checklist will help keep your house looking great with minimal effort each month. Whether you go room by room each week, or knock it all out at once, this list will keep you on track.

Don’t have an entire Saturday to spend scrubbing your entire house? Use this weekly checklist instead! These basic tasks touch on all the main areas of your house.

Haven’t found a daily planner that you like yet? Use this daily task list to keep yourself on track and organized!

Happy Planning,

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