Holiday Party Food

Not only is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with the traditions and family time that we talked about last week, it’s filled with parties and gatherings – most of which you are asked to bring something to contribute to the spread of food and goodies. Here are my top three options in both the savory and sweet categories as well as three quick and easy gifts to give the hosts!

Savory Favorites:

Sausage Balls – these are my number one option because they are so quick and easy and this recipe make a LOT of sausage balls!

Pepper Poppers – these are a little more time intensive, but always a crowd pleaser. You can use a variety of peppers too (jalapenos, those little sweet peppers, etc.) AND if there is leftover stuffing it makes a great stuffed bell pepper dinner the next night!

Pinwheels – these are also quick and easy to prep, and a little less expensive if you are in a pinch. Make sure you get the largest tortillas you can find and you will only have to make three or four of them to bring a platter of treats!

Sweet Favorites:

Haystacks – these are also known as cornflake cookies, but I’ve always heard them called haystacks. No baking required; just melt, mix, stack and wait!

Easy Fudge – five ingredients and so many options! Mix and match flavors to make a variety pack for every party!

No Bake Cookies – another crowd pleaser that doesn’t require baking AND makes a ton of cookies! These take a bit longer to prep than the haystacks but are just as good!



Mason Jar goodies: pancake mix, hot chocolate mix, soup mix, cookie mix, body scrubs, baths salts… the possibilities are endless!

Personalized Ornament: You can get clear ornaments by the dozen at most craft stores. Use paint or glitter on the inside, add the host name on one side and a special message from you and your family on the other using sharpie or paint pens. Check out some other ideas here!

A Christmas blanket – I really liked this idea here! You can get fleece blankets pretty inexpensively at some most stores and add a cute tag.


A few other tips and tricks:

Take everything in disposable containers – if there are leftovers you don’t want to take home you can send them with someone who really enjoyed the food without having to worry about the dish.

Make all of your host gifts at the same time so they are ready to just grab, add a name to it, and head out the door.

Make extra fudge. It’s just good and you should have it on hand for eating 🙂

Happy (holiday) Planning,

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